Rönnen i augusti

Rönnbären börjar så smått bli lite röda. Rönnen jag följer ligger efter andra rönnar i byn som redan har röda bär.

Den här sommaren har varit extremt torr här uppe i norr. Vi har knappt fått något regn alls hittills utöver några enstaka åskskurar. Jag gick ut i skogen igår för att plocka blåbär men fick ge upp. Det finns visserligen mogna blåbär i skogen men bären är så uttorkade att de är så gott som oätbara. Och någon svamp finns överhuvudtaget inte. Skogen är knastertorr. Det har varit några mindre skogsbränder men ännu ingen riktigt stor. Hoppas vi slipper det i år, trots torkan.


The rowan berries are slowly turing red. The rowan tree that I follow is slower than most other rowans in the village. Their berries are already bright red.

This summer has been extremely dry here in northern Sweden. We’ve had almost no rain at all except for a few thunderstorms. I went to the forest yesterday to pick bilberries but I had to give up. The forest is full of ripe bilberries but they are so dry that the berries are practically inedible. And there is not a single mushroom of any kind anywhere. The forest is tinder dry. There has been a few minor forest fires but no really big one so far. I hope we are spared major forest fires this year, despite the drought.


Fotona är tagna den 7 augusti 2021.

Im following a treeKolla även in andra trädföljare på The Squirrelbasket (internationellt).

7 reaktioner till “Rönnen i augusti”

  1. It’s a nice looking small tree, especially at this time of year with the berries appearing then changing colour. I hope you get some rain, but no fires. xx

  2. I also wish you rain and no fires! Here we have heat, drought and smoke but not nearly as bad as last year at least. And some rain … the air smells wonderful when there’s rain coming!

  3. Love the delicate shading on the berries. Your tree looks fine despite the drought. Does it have that whisper-dryness when the wind blows through it?

  4. The berries are a lovely colour – I didn’t expect to see them half way between last month’s green and red ripeness.
    That is awful news about the drought. The world is on fire at the moment…
    I am sad about the lack of fungi – although I find that varies from year to year anyway?
    I have a couple of blueberry plants in the garden (I think that’s the same as bilberry?) but the birds eat them as soon as I see the fruits. I love blueberry muffins but have to buy them.
    A Scandinavian friend once brought me some jam made from lingonberries – do you have those as well?
    All the best – and I hope you have some soft refreshing rain soon 🙂

    1. All kinds of traditional meat dishes are served with lingonberry jam in Sweden. But lingonberries are rarely used in sweet things like desserts or cakes, which is what most other berries are used for. The lingonberries ripen later than the other berries, about now.

      Bilberries, Vaccinium myrtillus, is what grows wild in the forests here. The berries are small, dark blue or almost black and have a strong blueberry taste. Then there are so called American blueberries, usually Vaccinium corymbosum, that are grown in gardens as a crop. The plants are much bigger and the berries are bigger, heavier and have a lighter blue colour but taste much less than bilberries.

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