Lönnen i december

Det är adventstid men det enda som känns som advent är att vi övar jullåtar för fullt med kören och att det blir mörkt tidigt. Utomhus vägrar hösten att släppa taget. Vi har haft några dagar med snö och ungefär en vecka med is men efter en dag med ihållande regn är alla spår av både snö och is borta. Och stigen till lönnen är soggigare än någonsin. Jag sjönk ner ordentligt med skorna i underlaget när jag gick dit. Gummistövlar hade kanske varit bättre än mina vinterkängor, särskilt eftersom det var +7 °C ute när de här bilderna togs. Dessutom stormade det rejält. Jag försökte fotografera trädet med lång slutartid för att fånga hur trädet ruskades om av vinden men det gick sisådär.

We have passed the first Sunday of advent which marks the beginning of the christmas season in Sweden, but the only things that feel like christmas season are that my choir is busy practising christmas songs and that it gets dark early at this time of year. Outside however autumn refuses to let go. We’ve had a few days with snow and about a week with ice but after a day of steady rain all snow and ice are gone. And the path leading to the maple tree is more soggy than ever. My shoes sank down in the path when I walked there. Maybe rubber boots would have been better than winter boots, especially since it was +7 °C outside when I took these pictures (which is most definately not a normal temperature in December). Also there were strong winds blowing. I tried to photograph the tree with long exposure time to catch the movement of the storm winds in the tree but it didn’t really work out as well as I hoped.

ErikaGroth-5668ErikaGroth-5677ErikaGroth-5670ErikaGroth-5679ErikaGroth-5667ErikaGroth-5681ErikaGroth-5691Fotona ovan är tagna 2015-12-05 i Sandviken.

Im following a treeKolla även in andra trädföljare på The Squirrelbasket (internationellt).

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  1. Wow–sounds like your winter is even more unusually-mild than ours. However, it’s not exactly pleasant here with all the wind and clouds. I prefer extreme cold and sunshine!

  2. Thank you for following your tree into December, even though the days are now so short and dark. I wonder if you will have more snow eventually.
    The pictures worked out very well – I can never manage to keep the camera still enough when it is cloudy and the branches are always blurred! But you convey the atmosphere brilliantly.
    I particularly like the image of the pathway – the ground seems very sandy there. Is that why it’s called Sandviken?
    God Jul och ett Gott Nytt Ar! (as I think you say?)

    1. There is a sandy ridge stretching north-south across the area so many places here are called sand-something, but Sandviken literally means ”the sandy bay”.

      In the mid 19th century a man called Göran Fredrik Göransson had been to England and learned a new method for making iron, the Bessemer technique. He then moved the iron production from Högbo Ironworks (Högbo bruk) a few kilometers north of present day Sandviken to the then uninhabited shore of Storsjön (the great lake), a sandy beach. There he founded a new ironworks on the lake shore with access to the newly built railway. ”Sandy bay” is simply a description of what the lake shore was like. Göransson’s company has over time changed into the multinational megacompany Sandvik AB which still has a large factory on the same place on the lake shore. The workers settled near the ironworks and over time this developed into the town Sandviken.

      The tree is about half way between the Sandvik factory in central Sandviken and the original ironworks in Högbo.

      God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

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