Rönnen i juli

Nu i början av juli är rönnen full av omogna, gröna rönnbär. Alldeles intill rönnen grävde Pireva (Piteå Renhållning & Vatten) under juni ett stort hål i marken. Faktum är att de grävde flera stora hål i backen på olika platser här i kring. Jag fick aldrig reda på varför med det hade något med avloppet att göra. Eftersom jag fortfarande arbetar hemifrån nästan hela tiden har grävarbetet varit väldigt irriterande. Det första de gjorde var naturligtvis att av misstag gräva av bredbandskabeln. Det tog dem en hel dag att fixa. Några dagar senare stängde de utan förvarning av vattnet från lunch till kvällen. Jag har dessutom inte kunnat använda min egentliga parkeringsplats och den gigantiska grävmaskinen förde ett fruktansvärt oväsen dag ut och dag in i veckor. Dessutom har grävmaskinen kört sönder asfalten på gården. Nu verkar de i alla fall vara klara, eller möjligen ha gått på semester. Allihop, inklusive grävmaskinen, har i alla fall försvunnit.


Now in early July the rowan is full of unripe, green berries. Right next to the rowan Pireva (Piteå Waste Management & Water, a company owned by the municipality) dug a big hole in the ground during June. Actually they dug several big holes in the ground around here. I never found out exactly why but it had something to do with the sewer. Since I still work from home almost all the time the whole digging project has been rather annoying. Of course the first thing they did was to destroy the internet fiber cable, by accident. That took them a whole day to repair. A few days later they unexpectedly turned off the water from lunch time until the evening. I wasn’t allowed to use the parking space I rent at home and the giant digger made a terrible noise every weekday for weeks. Also, the digger was so heavy that it destroyed the asphalt in the yard. Now they finally seem to be done, or possibly they have just left for their summer vacation. Either way, they are all gone now, including the digger.


Fotona är tagna den 4 juli 2021.

Im following a treeKolla även in andra trädföljare på The Squirrelbasket (internationellt).

7 reaktioner till “Rönnen i juli”

  1. The rowan is a good looking tree and I presume that the berries will change colour as they ripen.
    How annoying to be disturbed by such work . I hope that they have finished and you won’t have to put up with more. xx

  2. The Rowan looks great – nice to see all those berries forming.

    Sorry to hear about all the disruption. If it’s anything like in this country, the contractors tend to make a terrible mess and do the absolute bare minimum of work!

  3. Really irritating to have such noise and disruption when you are trying to work – or relax, come to that.

    The rowan is looking very fine, and I love the photos of the green berries (especially the one with the fly hiding behind them).
    Thanks also for telling us about work conditions in Sweden. It is always interesting to find our more about how other countries organise themselves.

  4. The rowan looks unscathed … hopefully they haven’t damaged the roots!
    I have construction nearby, also plenty of noise but fortunately not terribly loud. They work 10 to 12 hour days, whew! Construction ends in winter, so they have to make hay while the sun shines. Is it the same there with you?

    1. Most construction work and any work that involves digging in the ground can only be done when there is no snow or ice. So they are limited to a short season. But the workers mostly work regular office hours, at least at legitimate companies that are party to one of the collective agreements that regulate work conditions at the majority of work places in Sweden (of course there are also companies that are not so legitimate…). Construction workers also have most of their annual holiday in summer plus most parents choose to take most of their payed parental leave during summer in combination with their holiday period. So during much of available time many construction workers are not even at work.

  5. The rowan is looking lovely but that all sounds VERY annoying!
    I hope there’s no more disruption (and that they have filled in the holes)…
    We are lost without the internet these days – as well as water!
    All the best 🙂

    1. The janitor claims that the workers will be back after their vacation. I haven’t decided if I think that is a promise or a threat. It would be nice if they actually cleaned up the mess they made and fixed everything they left broken. But on the other hand that would mean that I would have to put up with them again.

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