Rönnen i november

Nu har alla rönnlöven fallit av. Vinterns första snö har fallit och isen börjar sakta lägga sig längs älvstranden. Rönnen vilar nu åter tills det blir vår igen.

Now all the rowan leaves have fallen off. The first snow this winter has fallen and ice is slowly forming along the river banks. The rowan once again rests until next spring.

Medeltemperaturen i oktober månad var ungefär normal enligt SMHI (figuren ovan visar skillnaden mellan medeltemperaturen för oktober i år och den normala medeltemperaturen i oktober).

The mean temperature in October was fairly normal according to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) (the figure above shows the difference between the mean temperature for October this year and the normal mean temperature in October).

Fotona är tagna 2017-11-04 i Storforsen, Bredsel.

Im following a treeKolla även in andra trädföljare på The Squirrelbasket (internationellt).

5 reaktioner till “Rönnen i november”

  1. It looks like global warming is skipping you this month. Not us–our mild autumn continues. I like it but am starting to worry about the ski season. I would like to find something similar to the SMHI figure for our part of the world. It would be much more reliable than our ”feelings” about recent weather!

  2. It has been lovely watching your rowan through the short summer days.
    Your snows come so early there in the north lands!
    Thank you for showing us your wonderful wild scenery.
    All the best 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      We get more rain than snow, unfortunately, but I’m hoping that this snow will remain and not melt away. It gets very dark and icy here without snow in winter.

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