Björken i april

ErikaGroth-5811Nu märks det att våren är på väg. Snön smälter bort och nytt, grönt gräs tittar fram.

Spring is coming. The snow is melting and new, green grass appears.

ErikaGroth-5801ErikaGroth-5812Nu behöver jag inte längre plumsa genom djup snö för att ta mig till björken.

Now I no longer need to wade through deep snow to reach the birch.

ErikaGroth-5802ErikaGroth-5803ErikaGroth-5805Snön har smält i en cirkel runt björken vilket gör det enkelt att gå runt trädet och fotografera det från olika vinklar.

The snow has melted in a circle around the birch which makes it easy to walk around the tree and photograph it from different angles.

ErikaGroth-5810Björken är ganska hårig av hängande lavar.

The birch is quite hairy due to hanging lichens.

Fotona ovan är tagna 2016-04-03 i Älvsbyn.

Im following a treeKolla även in andra trädföljare på The Squirrelbasket (internationellt).

4 reaktioner till “Björken i april”

    1. Well, reindeer eat lichens during winter although I’m not sure if they eat that particular kind. I would guess that other big herbivores like elk also eat lichens during winter since plants aren’t really available.

      But reindeer are not actually wildlife, at least not in Europe. All reindeers in Scandinavia are cattle, owned by Sami people, although they roam free for most of the year.

  1. Very common with hairy lichen (skägglav) hanging from the trees here in northen Sweden. Actually if you find yourself in an emergency in this part of the world without help. The easiest food to find in the wintertime with most nutrition is this hairy lichen. Needs some preparation before it is eatable but it does taste alot better than it looks. Hairy lichen is also very helpfull material if you need to start a camp fire in heavy rain if you find a big fir with this hanging from the dry branches at the bottom 🙂

  2. I’m so glad your snow will soon be gone! You have so much there in winter.
    The bark of the tree is beautiful – and I have never seen such hairy lichen!
    Thank you for following a tree with us 🙂

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