Asparna i augusti

En molnig sensommardag. Sommarblommorna håller på att blomma över. Asplöven darrar lite i den svaga vinden. Myror kryper upp och ner längs stammarna. Och på åkern bredvid asparna mognar kornen.

A cloudy late summer day. Summerflowers are withering. Aspen leaves tremble slightly in the light wind. Ants crawl up and down the tree trunks. And in the field next to the aspens barley is ripening.

Fotona är tagna den 7 augusti 2019.

Im following a treeKolla även in andra trädföljare på The Squirrelbasket (internationellt).

3 reaktioner till “Asparna i augusti”

  1. Beautiful – and such fresh, bright colours.
    I love the ants and the lichen.
    I see you also have that pink flower I call rose bay willowherb and the Americans call fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium) – I wonder what you call it in Sweden?
    All the best 🙂

    1. The official name in Swedish floras is mjölke or sometimes mjölkört, which almost nobody actually uses. The by far most common name in Swedish is rallarros, which literally translated means ”navvy rose” or ”railroad builder rose”, but it can be called almost anything. When I studied botany at university many years ago my teacher claimed that this flower holds the record for the highest number of different documented local Swedish names per species. Rävrumpa (”fox ass”) is one of the funnier old names for it.

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